deputy covid cell manager - Luanda, Angola - ESPACIE - Naurex Angola

    Default job background


    • To promote safety culture within the Covid management entity and his/her activities. Lead by exemplarity to have the team members and colleagues adhering and contributing.
    • To ensure that safe and ethic working practices are carried out within the activities that he/she is managing or interfacing with. To guarantee the compliance on his activities.
    • To ensure that state of the art, referential and local rules/laws are complied with and captured in all contractual requirements.
    • To work by anticipation.
    • With the spirit to establish and manage his/her activities motivating his/her counterparts and to work diligently to meet the targets of the Entity.
    • To promote innovation as far as compatible with good enough approach for all activities. To seek optimization and savings all along the different phases of the entity mission. To focus on costs without impairing QHSE objectives.
    • To keep Covid Cell Manager and all parties (as required) informed regarding ongoing activities status.
    The job holder involvement in the surfer planning activities are mainly the following:

    a. To assist the LOG Surfer in coordinating all the surfer in/out.

    b. He will ensure that all pax have full certification and respect COVID prevention protocol before embarking.

    d. He Validates with surfer team all the pax exit list from the Hotels and give green light to LOG Surfer to proceed with the operations

    e. He ensures that all the COVID test are negative prior to any pax going offshore.

    f. Coordinate the derogation process in case of any request and seek for approval of Covid Cell Manager prior implementation.


    Monitor COVID Cell performance:
    Weekly pax expedited from Quarantine and Self-Isolation hotels.

    h. He animates the Monday weekly meetings with Asset Operational Entities and issue the associated report.

    i. He consolidates the Covid Cell Weekly Report and submit to be Covid Cell Manager for approval prior distribution

    In relation to the hotel's management, the job holder:

    a. Assess weekly and monthly hotel rooms required to manage the guest/pax going offshore with support from Covid Cell Planner

    b. He monitors the Covid Cell performance in terms of quarantine and SI durations and proposes actions of improvement continuously.


    Perform regular visits in the hotels in order to ensure COVID cell protocol for Quarantine and Self-isolation are fully respected and that the LOG Service.

    d. Ensure all the hotels are validated by MINSA prior starting Q/SI period.

    e. Weekly feedback from the guest to be performed and report to COVID Cell Manager.

    f. Ensure all the guest released from the Q/SI hotels have NEGATIVE PCR test result prior boarding the surfer.

    • To assist the Covid Cell Manager in animating the daily morning meetings within Covid Cell entity.
    • To attend to Covid Cell weekly meetings and warn any coming deviations.
    • Assist the Covid Cell Manager in developing interface procedures and identification of any gaps in the COVID management system against MB, CMS, Hotels, LMC, LOG Service Contractor, etc.
    • Participates to the appropriate meetings to inform hierarchy on the conduct of operations on behalf of the Covid Cell Manager when required, and gives all the necessary feedback on difficulties experienced in the conduct of operations

    Trainings & Exercises:

    Organization and coordination of appropriate training for the emergency response organization:
    potential positive case onboard the vessel; potential evacuation of a guest in the hotels, etc. Develop an annual training Schedule.

    b. Organization, implementation, and debriefing of exercises defined in the yearly planning (Tabletop Exercises).

    c. Audits the hotels exercise

    d. Implement Action Plan following the Exercises


    Designee nominated by contractor is accountable to:

    • Responsible to manage internal interfaces with operational entities for the effective compliance and procedure implementation according to protocols on prevention and biosafety measures against COVID-19;
    • In case of any Covid related emergency, the job holder is responsible to ensure liaison with Duty Manager and activate the emergency plan and mobilize necessary means and resources of the Covid Cell with the support from the Covid Cell Manger
    • Responsible to follow-up the Action Plan concerning all the observations reported and generate lessons learned and feedback with Covid Cell Stakeholders on activities related to Quarantine and SI process for continues improvement process.
    • Organize his job in full respect and within the limit of defined and approved planning & budgets.
    • Ensure a transversal way of working, in a good team spirit.
    • All report, presentation and conference call with internal and external entities must be supported by Deputy COVID Cell.

    Qualifications/Experience required

    • Qualification: Engineering degree or equivalent.
    • Organization, rigor, good communication skills, team spirit, constant availability to team members, international experience.
    • Experienced in the management of Crisis / Emergency Response Organization (already been involved in the management of crisis rooms as Incident Commander or Deputy Incident Commander)
    • 10 years minimum experience on operational companies and have being exposed on different type of crisis
    • Perfect knowledge of ICS (Incident Command System) to manage a crisis
    • Knowledge of HSE appreciated
    • GOC level 5 (Command and Mangement of Response Operations, diploma)
    • Fluent in Portuguese and English - speaking mandatory. French optional.
    • Familiar with office tools (WORD, EXCEL, POWERPOINT and etc).

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